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Don't settle
for slow

Go beyond today's broadband and bring the lightning-fast power of Full Fibre to your home with Swish.


Game on.

Lightning-fast Gigabit speeds for your home

Bandwidth built to power your life

Contract or no contract, it's your choice

We may ask for Swish Fibre kit to be returned at the end of your contract.

View Terms and Conditions


Get your first 3 months free with an 18-month price-locked contract.


150 Mbps Upload + Download

Super fast speeds and all the reliability of Full Fibre as you work, surf, and play.

18 month contract

£30 per month

Free activation 

No Contract?
No problem.

All the power of Full Fibre on a rolling monthly payment plan you can leave at any time, with no strings attached.

Rolling monthly contract means that you can leave at any time.

£30pm for monthly Swish 150 rolling contract, contact us for details

400 Mbps Upload + Download

Hyper-fast speeds for larger households requiring room-to-room reliability for working, streaming and surfing all at the same time.

18 month contract

£45 £40 per month

Free activation 

Rolling monthly contract

£45 per month

Free activation 

900 Mbps Upload + Download

Supercharged, ultra-reliable broadband. Serious speeds to make light work of the heavy lifting for large families, gamers, and power users.

18 month contract

£50 per month

Free activation 

Rolling monthly contract

£50 per month

Free activation 

*This offer is only available on our 18-month contracts and means you’ll receive the first 3 months for free, so you only pay the monthly charge for the remaining 15 months of the contract. Offer can be withdrawn at any time. ​ Free activation is available to residential customers only.

Different factors can affect your Wi-Fi signal and speed, so actual speeds may vary.

Why switch to Swish?



Say hello to 4K streaming, hardcore gaming, crystal clear video calls, and smart home living across multiple devices at the same time.



900Mbps mean a more reliable connection that won’t let you down at peak times - no matter what you throw at it.

No more
dead spots

Full fibre coverage for every corner of your home, day and night.

No mid-contract
price hikes

We charge what we say we will, from the start to the end of your contract.


Gigabit broadband voucher scheme

Swish fibre are proud to be working alongside the UK Government, supporting the Gigabit Broadband voucher scheme, to bring Full Fibre Broadband to people experiencing slow broadband speeds in rural areas.


The scheme helps Swish Fibre to deliver the UK’s fastest Full Fibre broadband network direct to you, with no risk or additional cost to you.

Swish Router

Got a hard-to-reach home? No problem

Swish Pods help you to flood every nook and corner, even in the trickiest spots.


Using the latest mesh network technology, our Swish Pods eradicate frustrating blind spots typically found in larger or older “built to last” homes. Our Pods come with an app that gives you smart controls including security and parental controls.


Complete Wi-Fi coverage in your home.

Full-strength, uninterrupted connectivity that learns and adjusts to your habits to provides the best coverage.

Intelligent Wi-Fi

Smart Controls

Smart home controls at your fingertips to manage and create passwords, guest access and view connected devices.

Threat Protection

Advanced AI Security keeps your entire home network and devices protected from hackers and cyberattacks.

Parental Controls

Setting limits for device-level and internet-level access has never been easier. Turn on child appropriate internet filters.

£5 inc VAT

Per pod per month

All Swish Fibre kit is loaned to you and must be returned at the end of your contract if requested.

View Terms and Conditions

Swish pod

Make things extra special with our Add-Ons

Static IP Address

Perfect for when you want to host your own website, run a server or email server, or create a VPN and access your computer from anywhere.

Swish Voice

Switch your phone number to our Swish Voice service and ditch your monthly line rental charge. Crystal clear calls via your safe and reliable Full Fibre service.


Register your interest and join the Swish community.

If you'd like to hear more about the Swish journey and what' we're working on then please complete the details below.

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