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There’s no place in your home sweet home for poor broadband

Home is where the heart is, but if your broadband connection doesn’t have the heart to serve up all of your needs, there’s really no place for it in your home.


Go beyond today’s broadband and bring Full Fibre into the heart of your home with Swish.

Blistering Gigabit speeds for your home

Get an extra 100 Mbps after 12 months

Free standard installation worth £200

All Swish Fibre kit is loaned to you and must be returned at the end of your contract if requested.

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You won’t find a more advanced solution for your home

There’s more to a great broadband service than speed alone. Your router is the much-ignored powerhouse of your home network. Our routers deliver exceptional signal and management to help deliver high performance to the many devices around your home.


A router that’s light-years ahead to match your next-gen Full Fibre service.

Swish Router

Wi-Fi Analytics

Smart Wi-Fi software improves performance behind the scenes and offers insights to help you get the most from your connections. Unlike many others, Swish will manage your broadband connection and support your Wi-Fi network performance.

Gigabit Wi-Fi, blistering speed

Experience never-before-seen wireless speeds, featuring both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands via six internal antennas with beamforming technology. Packed with all the latest features to deliver smooth, speedy access.

Unlock a trilogy of services

The Swish solution enables better access to bandwidth-intensive internet, television and telephone services you currently use, so you can go faster and do more across one next-generation Full Fibre connection that's built to last.

Router displayed is for illustrative purposes. All Swish Fibre kit is loaned to you and must be returned at the end of your contract if requested. View Terms and Conditions


Wi-Fi that reaches the parts of your home others can’t

Swish Pods flood every nook and corner of your home with glorious Wi-Fi connectivity.


Using the latest mesh network technology, our Swish Pods eradicate frustrating blind spots typically found in larger or older “built to last” homes. Our Pods come with an app that gives you smart controls including security and parental controls.


Complete Wi-Fi coverage in your home.

Full-strength, uninterrupted connectivity that learns and adjusts to your habits to provides the best coverage.

Intelligent Wi-Fi

Smart Controls

Smart home controls at your fingertips to manage and create passwords, guest access and view connected devices.

Threat Protection

Advanced AI Security keeps your entire home network and devices protected from hackers and cyberattacks.

Parental Controls

Setting limits for device-level and internet-level access has never been easier. Turn on child appropriate internet filters.

£5 inc VAT

Per pod per month

All Swish Fibre kit is loaned to you and must be returned at the end of your contract if requested.

View Terms and Conditions

Swish pod

Make things extra special with our essential Add-Ons

You can do so much more with a Full Fibre broadband connection.


Add-Ons offer a range of enhancements to suit your needs, from a dedicated IP address, to our all new Swish Voice.


Go beyond broadband with Full Fibre Add-Ons.

Static IP Address

Perfect for when you want to host your own website, run a server or email server, or create a VPN and access your computer from anywhere.

Swish Voice

Switch your phone number to our Swish Voice service and ditch your monthly line rental charge. Crystal clear calls via your safe and reliable Full Fibre service.


Beyond Broadband

A service designed to help you work, surf and play beyond the limitations of today’s part-fibre broadband networks.


Uplifting uploads

Vivid video calls

Dazzling downloads


Safe and secure
Speedy streams

Crystal clear


Zero lag
Zero limitations
Zero waiting

and beyond




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