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Save money, keep your landline number and enjoy crystal clear telephone calls.

Our flexible and low-cost plans offer alternative ways to keep your landline phone and number, without the burden of a larger monthly line rental bill.

Keep your number

You can switch your existing landline phone number over to Swish Voice, enjoy calls exactly as you do today, and make significant monthly cost savings to help your budget.

Designed for you

Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all charges or plans. Swish Voice offers three great plans designed to suit light to heavy telephone usage, so you only pay for what you need. 

Save up to £180 per year

Switch your landline number to Swish Voice Go today and you can save up to £180 a year in line rental charges. Every plan offers a great way to make savings, without cutting back.

Swish Voice is available as an add-on with any of our Home and Home Worker broadband plans. Just add your chosen Voice plan at checkout.


Keep your landline
Save money
Crystal clear calls
Flexible plans
Future fit

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